Team Matches

 Format: Four-ball Match Play.  1 point for each hole won and ½ point for each hole halved.  18 points per match. Ties will be honored.  It will be the responsibility of the hosting clubs coordinator to arrange tee times.  Winner of each Cup will be based on total accumulated points from the 4 matches.

Tournament Schedule
Tuesday, July 17th:  
Tuesday, July 31st:   
Tuesday, Aug. 7th:    
Tuesday, Aug. 14th:
Tuesday, Aug. 28th:  

 Eligibility: The Team Matches are open to any member club of the RIGA.  A team consisting of four players and 3 substitutes, with current handicaps, may enter.  There will be 5 teams per Cup/Bowl & each club will have a “bye” at their home course.  Hosting clubs are required to have a volunteer be present when their club hosts.  Should more teams apply for competition than positions are available in total number of Cups, more Cups will be added to include teams, if they round out complete divisions.  If not, then the teams with the lowest handicaps based on index numbers will be selected.

 Captain ResponsibilityIt is required that the hosting team have a representative there to ensure tee times and pace of play run smoothly

Substitutes: Are encouraged - rosters will be frozen as of July 1st, once the Cups are made and distributed to all participants. 

Substitutes Updates:

- They must be a member of a RIGA Member Club & have paid their RIGA Membership
- They may not be a “sub” for another team submitted by the club
- The 10 stroke differential will apply
- They can only “sub” one time

 Entries - Form, Fee, Closing Date:  Coordinators are solely responsible for securing and returning completed entry form by the due date.  Entries must be received at the RIGA office by July 1st, 2017 and be accompanied by the entry fee of $560.00 per Team (made payable to the RIGA).  

Handicaps: Any player competing must be able to produce 5 (18-hole) scores from the Club they are representing between April 15th to July 1st, 2016 season to verify their handicap based on index numbers.  Cups will be seeded using July 1st revision. Maximum 10 stroke differential between team (4) players or player handicaps will be adjusted.

Tuesday’s - 7/17& 7/31= 7/15 Revision will be used
Tuesday - 8/7 & 8/14= 8/1 Revision will be used
Tuesday’s - 8/28 = 8/15 Revision will be used

 The only exception will be in the case of a new member who will play with entering index for a period of One Year from date of entry unless they go down.  A player belonging to more than one RIGA Member Club must play at her lowest handicap

Cart and Caddie policy: Carts are mandatory and fees are included in the entry fee.

Important: Entries must be received by July 1st, 2018. 

Faxed entries will not be accepted.

Tournament Application

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