2015 RI vs. CT

  Alpine CC
  June 4



Recap by Paul Kenyon

 Cranston  -  Rhode Island women turned in one of their strongest performances on the course in some time on Thursday when they defeated Connecticut, 251 1/2--234 1/2 in the annual match between the states at Alpine.
     State champion Susie Cavanagh led the way with an outstanding performance, recording a 4-under-par 69, but she had plenty of help. Cavanagh went out in 34 with two birdies and an eagle and came home in 35 with three more birds on the back. She earned 12 1/2 points in her individual match and combined with partner Nancy Chaffee, the RIGA Hall of Famer, for 11 more.
    Kibbe Reilly had an outstanding 34 on the back side, highlighted by three birds, and won 11 points in her individual match and combined with partner Melissa Hem to earn 11 more.
   Nancy Diemoz helped get the team off to a great start going out in 36, including two birds on the way to piling up a whopping 12 1/2 points. She and partner Kay Bullock also won their match, taking 10 of the 18 possible points.
     The team of Felicia Revens and Margie Foss also was a huge contributor as they combined to win 21 points in their individual matches and another 10 in the team play. The highest scorers of all for the winners were the duo of Annie Corio and Pinky Markey, who piled up 34 1/2 points in all, 23 in individual matches and another 11 1/2 in team play.
     Janet Field (11 1/2) and Judy Davis (9 1/2) swept their competition, adding 10 points in team play to what they won in the individual showdown. Lauren Collins and Marissa White added 26 1/2 important points, a match that included 9-9 ties by White in both individual and team play.
   Betty Didonato and Leanne Cesario added 19 1/2 points and the combination of Colleen Mahoney and Madison Leand another 21 points to clinch the victory.