2016 RI vs. CT

Congratulations Team RI!!

Story by: Paul Kenyon....

 Susie Cavanagh and Lisa Ferrara were on opposite ends of the Rhode Island roster, but they ended up in the same place Thursday in the annual Rhode Island-Connecticut team matches at The Hartford Golf Club: They were the stars who led the Rhode Islanders to the victory in a very close contest.
     Rhode Island pulled out the decision, 2171/2 - 214 1/25, thanks in large part to Cavanagh and Ferrara. State champion Cavanagh won 12 1/2 points in her individual match and combined with partner Kibbe Reilly to pile up 9 more in the better-ball contest. Reilly took 7 in her match so she and Cavanagh combined for 28 1/2 points. The format had 16 players on each side who took part in individual matches and combined with a partner for eight team matches.
      Ferrara, who was in the last of the eight groups, was the day's leading scorer. She had the highest score of the day, 14 1/2 points, in her individual match and she combined with her partner, Joann Jackson to capture 12 points in the team match. Jackson won 7 1/2 in her match so she and Ferrara took an outstanding 34 points.
      Other members of the winning team and their point totals were Angel MacLeod (10) and partner Margie Foss (7) plus 8 1/2 in the team match; Marisa White (8) and Kay Bullock (11) plus 9 1/2 in the team match; Nancy Chaffee (8 1/2) and Patricia Keough (8) plus 7 1/2 in the partners match; Deb Cyronak (10 1/2) and Martha Clancy (9 1/2) plus another 9 1/2 in the partners competition; Janet Field (6) and Nancy Diemoz (11 1/2) and another 8 in the team competition; Bette DiDonato (4) and Annie Corio (10 1/2) plus 71/2 more as partners.


 Team of: Leand, Foss, Bullock, Cavanagh, Clancy, DiDonato, Diemoz, Cyronack, Keough,
Corio, Reilly, Chaffee, White, Field, Ferrara, Jackson and MacLeod